Lil Mabu Ft. DD Osama – THROW (Lyrics)

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Read Official Lyrics Of 's new song titled “ by Lil Mabu Ft Throw Lyrics by DD Osama Ft Lil Mabu Throw Lyrics Of Throw Lyrics by Lil Mabu and DD Osama Lyrics.”


INTRO – Lil Mabu & DD Osama:

I'm on the road-road-road
Always on go-go-go (Grrah, everything for Notti)
I'm feeling low-low-low (You know what the fuck going on)
Pour a four-four-four (Grrah-grrah)
Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah)

VERSE 1 – Lil Mabu & DD Osama:

They had a special place in my heart so I tried fixing them while they were breaking me
I learned the hard way, but I don't do it no more thankfully
Turned to a beast when Notti died, I told 'em, “Wait and see”
I wasn't ‘posed to make it this far, I'm talking racially, so this shit feels make believe
I wish lil' Notti woulda stuck with me in the streets
I ain't ever parked a V and I've been on the charts for weeks
I had a vision no one seen, not even my family (Not even my family)
Music is saving me, but I know it could end fatally (Painfully)
So I keep that .40 on my side, ain't no one taming me (I'ma pray for me)
I wasn't perfect as a kid, but I still ate my greens
I started working in the crib while my friends were smoking weed
I started doing good and got more enemies
I keep my face up off the net when I be in the streets
I know my boys got my back, but when it comes to toting straps, hope they don't run when the bullets gotta handle me

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Intro: DD Osama & Lil Mabu
Ah, every opp shot
Grrah, Mabu (Grrah)
Grrah, Mabu (Like)
Grrah, every opp shot, like
Grrah, gang-gang-gang, gang
Gang-gang-gang, like

VERSE 2 – DD Osama ft Lil Mabu:

Ayy, yo, Mabu, throw (Boom)
When we bend through the opps, get low
I said, “DD, we clutching the cane or the pole?”
Red light, green beam, hang out, throw
For lil' Notti, I'm flocking
Catch a opp, put his life turn timeless
Toting the .30, I ain't toting a rocket (Brrt)
Ddot with me for the niggas that's plotting, grrah
Dead opps all in my blunt
Bitch is a munch and she ate it for fun (On bro)
Bitch, I'm that nigga that do what I want
Bend that ass over and on my gun
Yeah, he died one time on the earth (Grrah), now he died two times (Times)
Put the beam to the blunt
I don't even smoke but feel him in my lungs
DD got left, Mabu got right (Right)
Just know I still smoke Rite (Damn, damn)
Like, grrah, grrah, just know I smoke Rite (Damn)
I ain't going out without a fight (Facts)
I got diamonds on me, shed the light (The light)
Your bitch calling DD to get piped, while I'm calling DD for the pipe
And if brodie get stuck in a slammer (The slammer), Mabu gon' help beat the case (Facts)
I'm a lawyer, I always got answers (Answers), fucking bitches on the first date (Damn)
I got bitches on me, Alabama, I keep one in every other state (State)

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OUTRO – Lil Mabu and DD Osama:

Bitch, I feel I great
Damn, every opp shot, nigga
Suck my dick, like
Grrah-grrah, gang-gang-gang

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