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Joeboy – Back 2 Back (Lyrics)

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Back 2 Back Lyrics by Joeboy Back 2 Back Lyrics

Read Official Lyrics Of 's new song titled “ by Joeboy Back 2 Back Lyrics Of Back 2 Back by Joeboy Songs Lyrics.” Another beautiful song that worth your listening pleasure, kindly be the next to read Back 2 Back Lyrics by Joeboy and sing along!

Joeboy Back 2 Back Official Lyrics


Oh man, not again


I'm under par
Hole 18
Like a vegan you can see I'm on the green
I got the Master's jacket dripped over Supreme
That's too much power, you can't get this kind of tee
Bro yo shit a flop
And mines a bop
Just like this chip shot
The bodies bouta drop

The fucking ‘long-bomber'
Your words ain't packing punches
Cause I'll turn Arnold Palmer into Archie Bunker
This Driver here's a Thumper
It's shooting straight bombs
I know I was a convict and that's word to Akon

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This shit here a straight shot
Beating me? Afraid not
You yourself the king? I saw you lose like eight times
Like that boy from Akron

Bronny, I know it's pronounced “Ack-rin”
I thought its only fitting for niggas who like acting
I'm past him
Yo bitch is submissive I got her tapping
This Glock came with a silencer on it, need closed captions

I wait a full week and you wrote that trash
I bet your praying to God you could take that back
I'm not sure who it was that told you, you could rap
But you should cut that nigga off and never give him daps (I mean, woah)

Got a little drive and you will go far
But is that yo car, or your girl's car?
Nevermind, I don't wanna open up the scar
You think I'm signed up to a gym the way I raise the bar, yeah

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Sonny Liston, Bad Boy Pistons nigga, yeah
Look at my body, I'm built different nigga
I'm not the type of nigga known for missing nigga
I saw yo girl on Tinder, get the picture nigga (woah)

She dont want you Arnie when your strokes off
Tiger Woods gon have to fuck raw
And imma sink another putt, another putt
That Arnold Palmer tastes like fucking YUCK (woah)

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